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Salutron Inc. was founded in 1995, one of the first companies of its kind to develop On-Demand ECG accurate heart rate monitoring solutions. Our growth began within Commercial Cardio Equipment; we soon made a name for ourselves in chest straps and watches. We have designed and developed Heart Rate monitoring solutions for both the fitness and wellness worlds, under a multitude of brands. Salutron has grown to become a “body monitoring solutions” technology house. We have expanded the capabilities of our proprietary technologies over the past decade and continue to revolutionize and lead the body-monitoring world with our Free Living Solutions.
  • LifeTrak Zoom HRV | Wearable Body Computer

    LifeTrak Zoom HRV | Wearable Body Computer

    5 LifeTrak

    ZOOM HRV automatically detects HRV during periods of deep sleep to provide an ongoing highly personal wellness assessment. This data is combined w...

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