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FINIS Turnmaster Pro

$3,699.00 SGD

A state of the art portable bulkhead made using aerospace technology for lightness, durability and stiffness that allows you to optimize your pool space to any configuration. Practice turns, teach lessons, etc.

Coaches can now add a divider in the middle of each lane, adding 2 additional walls per lane. Up to 50% of short course race success can be contributed to underwater swimming. Drastically increasing practice space and underwater drills will make a significant difference in overall race performance.

Made of Vinyl Ester Chlorine Resistant Fiberglass the Turnmaster Pro can withstand race speed turns and is resistant to chlorine damage. Wheels are built into the bottom for easy maneuvering on land; one person can easily load the Turnmaster Pro in a car and wheel it to the pool by themselves. Once in the pool two swimmers can easily attach the Turnmaster Pro to lane lines in less than 5 minutes.

Invented by Bill Kirby, gold medalist at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney as part of the 4-200m freestyle relay team, he realized the importance of underwater training is physics, the faster you throw a ball against a wall, the faster it will bounce off. It is the same idea with turns, the faster you come into the wall the faster you can come off of it. The Turnmaster Pro allows more swimmers to practice their turns, being a fiberglass wall also makes it less intimidating for younger swimmers to approach at full race speed. During a race your two fastest places are coming off the blocks and coming off the wall. Practicing all aspects of the flip turn including the approach, the turn and a tight streamline off the wall all play a key role in success during competitions.

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