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FINIS Stationary Cords Lane Belt

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Stationary Cords Lane Belt

The Stationary Cords Lane Belt is made with durable rubber tubing and a comfortable, adjustable nylon belt. The belt secures to a swimmer's waist while two pieces of tubing connect to each lane line. The Stationary Cords Lane Belt creates a stationary position, where the swimmer can develop endurance and work on stroke technique. The configuration of the cords allows for kick training with no interference. By clipping the cords to the lane rope, multiple swimmers are able to collectively train in one lane.

Features and Benefits

    Attaches to Lane Lines:
    Provides swimmers the ability to continually swim in a stationary position

    Space Saving:
    Place multiple swimmers in one lane at one time

    Practice Perfect Technique
    Test different head, body, and hip positions

    Coaches Aid:
    Allows coaches to observe a swimmer's stroke while they remain stationary

    Kick Training:
    Swimmers can train with a hard kick without any interference

    Works with all strokes

    Perfect Flip Turns:
    Concentrate on flip turns while building core muscles and knee thrust

    Faster Flip Turns:
    Sprint into the wall for faster turns

    Hip Balance:
    Great for keeping the hips balanced in breaststroke and butterfly

    Adjustable Nylon Belt:
    Wide, comfortable belt is one-size fits all