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FINIS Tech Toc

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Tech Toc
The Tech Toc is a friendly, introductory product to hip training. It utilizes a ball bearing inside of a plastic capsule containing acoustical amplifiers at each end. As the swimmer rotates their hips while training, the ball hits each end of the capsule, providing the swimmer audible feedback on their hip rotation and movement. The device allows swimmers to hear, as well as feel the rhythm and pace of their stroke pattern and technique. The Tech Toc can be used by any age group for any swim distance or stroke.

Features & Benefits

Patented Audible Feedback Capsule:
Provides instant feedback during each hip-rotation so that the swimmer completes full rotations from side to side.
Adjustable Hip Belt:
Accommodates swimmers of all shapes and sizes.
Set Capsule Vertically or Horizontally:
Thread belt horizontally for Freestyle and Backstroke hip-rotation drills. Thread belt vertically for Butterfly and Breaststroke undulation drills.
'Delay' Setting:
Delays the ball bearing from hitting each capsule end, which forces the swimmer to exaggerate their hip training.

Product Video