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CNLight 38W UVC Sterilizer Ozone-Free With Human Detection Sensor & Remote Control

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The CNLight 38W UVC Sterilizer has a UV7 - intelligent UV Steriliser with Human Body Detection to provide safety for humans & pets.

The intelligent human detection technology - microwave sensing helps to prevent accidental UV exposure during operations. The detection range is within 3 meters. It will be able to detect both humans and pets to provide safety. When a person approaches, the device automatically shuts off, and when the person leaves, it turns on automatically.

The ozone produced by ultraviolet light oxidizes and breaks down enzymes in bacteria (which needed by glucose), activating them,no residual pollution.

Removal rate of mite detection: 100%
Sterilization rate: 99%

Product specs:
Brand: Cnlight
Model No.: U7
Rated power: 38W
The rated voltage: 220V
Product size: 186*420mm
Timing: wireless remote timing/intelligent induction
Remote control: 30 metres wireless through the wall remote control
APplicable area: 40 square meters
Applicable place: Living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom