LifeTrak Zone C410

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LifeTrak Zone C410

Automatic sleep tracking, App connected.

Advanced sleep tracking for maximum health benefits. Our LifeTrak Zone C410 unites all the best features of fitness trackers into one awesome health tool. Zone combines accurate heart rate for precise calories, steps, and distance, plus clear-cut automatic sleep monitoring and Bluetooth compatibility. Sync to our LifeTrak app to see detailed sleep charts, or go simple and view your sleep right on your tracker. The cherry on top? You never have to recharge; our battery lasts one year. With Zone, 24/7 tracking really is 24/7. You get all day, all night monitoring and long-term data storage together, creating tracker harmony.

Main Features

ECG Accurate Heart Rate

Get in the zone. Get better calorie estimates and track your intensity level by holding a button.

  • Check your effort level by measuring your heart rate without a chest strap.
  • Simply press and hold a button and see the ECG wave reference and percent of max heart rate right on display.
  • Previous recorded heart rate will show while the Zone calculates your current heart rate. Multiple measurements stored.

App Connected*

Think long term. View detailed charts. Review more than a year of data.

  • Store all your data, get deeper insight and view long term trends using the LifeTrak app.
  • Transfer data from the Zone C410 to your compatible Smartphone and tablets with a push of a button.*


Rest easy. Automatic sleep and wake detection. Monitors sleep quality.
  • Rest easy without needing to tell the Zone you’re going to sleep or waking up.
  • Review your sleep quality data to help you improve your night’s rest.
  • Zone monitors your sleep quality based on motion, arm posture, ambient light and wrist-off detection.

Precise Tracking

Know your numbers. Automatically tracks all day calorie burn, steps, distance and workouts. Stores data up to seven days on wrist.
  • Advanced Calorie Tracking
    • Get personalized all-day calorie-burn data to get a more accurate picture of your progress.
    • Calories burned are calculated by your heart rate readings, activity, and personal statistics.
  • Step Count & Distance Calculation
    • Get a better picture of your progress with accurate step count and distance measurement.
    • Uses a 50-60 step buffer to filter out false steps by making sure you are really walking, before updating the count.
    • Adjusts to walking, jogging, or running through a patented pace-based algorithm.

Always On

Info at a glance. Instantly view daily progress and review hourly and weekly data.

  • 7-Day and Hourly Records On the Wrist
    • Conveniently see your progress and data charts without pulling out your Smartphone.
    • Use the generous sized display and buttons for easy navigation; data is stored for seven days.

Long Battery Life & Waterpoof

Wear it anytime and anywhere without recharging.

  • No Charging ; typical one-year battery life with standard coin cell.
  • Waterproof to 30 meters.

Customizable ComfortFit Bands

Personalize to your style. Reversible/interchangeable bands and additional colors available (Sold Separately)

*Compatible with:

  • iOS 7 and higher devices: iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S; iPad 3, 4; iPad Air; iPad Mini, Retina; iPod Touch 5.
  • Android devices: Samsung Galaxy 4, Galaxy 5 and Note III; LG Nexus 5, Motorola Moto G and HTC One M8.

See Get Connected for the latest information.

Technical Specifications

Heart rate:

  • 30-240 bpm

Workout Mode:

  • Chronograph range: 9 hr, 59 min, 59 sec
  • Calorie: 0-99,999
  • Steps: 0-99,999 steps
  • Distance: 0-621.3 mi / 0-999.9 km


  • AM, PM, hour, minute, seconds
  • 12/24 hour format

User Setup:

  • Gender: M/F
  • Age range: 5-99 years
  • Height (in/cm) range: 40-84 in / 100-220 cm
  • Weight (lb/kg) range: 44-440 lb / 20-200kg Step sensitivity


  • Replaceable coin cell CR2032

Water Resistance:

  • Submersible: 30 m


  • Total length with adjustable band (max): 217mm
  • Watch head size (l x w): 53mm x 33mm
  • LCD size (l x w): 28mm x 16mm


  • Backlight
  • Adjustable and durable polyurethane band with SureSnap Clasp locking mechanism for easy closure
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Reliable shock tested to 8kV Contact and 15kV Air (IEC6100-4-2)
  • FCC, CE, ROHS compliant

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