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10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Keep Off the Holiday Weight Gain

10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Keep Off the Holiday Weight Gain

With Christmas coming soon, most of us are probably going to be celebrating the seasons with our beloved friends, family and of course, a sumptuous meal. For those of you who are health conscious, Christmas might represent some unwanted holiday weight gain as you stuff yourself full like a turkey. So how do you keep this holiday binge at bay? Here are some scientifically proven tips from Karin Reiter, a local nutritionist, on how to avoid a holiday belly whilst enjoying yourself.

1. Protein Priority

High-protein diets have been scientifically proven to help with weight loss. Eating more protein improves satiety, helping you feel fuller with a lesser amount of food, thereby eating less. Of course, eating too much of anything will still make you gain weight. Furthermore, a high protein diet increases thermogenesis (increases your body’s metabolism and hence burning more fat). However, do make sure that the protein is a Lean Protein such as grilled turkey breast (has no added fat to it) instead of fatty cuts like fried ribs. Vegetable protein sources from lentils, nuts and seeds are also healthy options!christmas-dinner-gxtxfrpw

2. Fibre Power

We have all heard the importance of a high-fibre diet. Fibre expands in our guts, filling up our stomach and slowing the rate at which our stomach empties. It doesn’t just help fill us in during our meals, but keeps is full for a longer period of time.

Vegetables are the best source of fibre. So making sure that half of your plate is always full of vegetables is key to ensuring that you are getting the recommended fibre.


3. H2O Not H-Two-O

Try drinking water in place of egg-nog or wine, beer and other sugar-rich alcoholic drinks. Doing so will reduce the amount of calories consumed during the meal significantly and keep your fuller too.getty_rm_photo_of_water_and_wine

4. See No Evil

The closer we are situated to food we can see, the more we’ll actually consume. A simple fix? Face away from the dessert spread to listen to cues from your gut rather than your eye.


5. Never come hungry to an event or meal

Eat something small at home (a piece of fresh fruit and a handful of raw nuts will do). This will allow you to choose carefully what foods you are indulging in and what foods you will choose to avoid.


6. If lunch is your main meal eat a very light dinner (bowl of vegetable soup, salad)

This will help reduce the chance of overeating your calorie budget in the day,turkey-soup-ck-1120328-x

7. Move more- try walk after your meal

It will help you balance your blood glucose levels and help you regain your energy.


8. Bring a dish instead of a box of chocolates

Invest in making your host a fruit platter or fruit salad for dessert, that way you can indulge in a healthy dessert (and it will host will appreciate your efforts)shutterstock_82357798-e1360683269926

9. Be mindful

It’s the time of year to be grateful and enjoy the company of our loved ones. We should enrich our souls with love from our family and nourish our body with good food- not the other way around.


10. Use small plates

At those eat all you can events, opt for appetizer and salad plates that are smaller in size. Chances are. you’ll subconsciously fill up on less food and it reduce the amount of decadent delicacies you pound down on.small-plates

Recipe of the Week by Amanda Fung, founder of Daily Staples:


  •  1 Egg
  • 1/3 Low fat milk
  • 2 TBSP Olive Oil
  • 1 1/2 TBSP Raw Sugar
  • 1/2 Cup Wholemeal flour ( Or more if the batter needs to be thicker )
  • 1 TBSP Matcha Powder
  • 1 1/2 TSP of Baking Powder
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 TBSP of honey

Whisk all the wet ingredients together, set it aside. Whisk all the dry ingredients separately.

Now, mix them till they are well combined.

Place them in a non stick pan and fry till golden brown.

Matcha Pancakes



1. Karin G. Reiter – or Karin Gojiberry, after her favourite berry

Karin G. Reiter

A nutritionist who aims to educate and inspire so that people from all walks of lives can aspire to lead fulfilling lifestyles. What differentiates Karin is that aside from consultations and writing for the media, she works with everybody – from mamas who are trying to feed their kids better, to domestic helpers whose employers choose to equip them with fundamental nutrition knowledge and skill.

Karin strongly believes in real food, natural medicine and the power of of each and every single one’s ability to heal themselves.


2. Amanda Fung – Fitness Trainer & Founder of Daily Staples

Amanda Wong

Amanda is a trainer who has obtained her certificate from NITEC Fitness Training and was a fitness trainer in the military for CISCO. She is a fitness enthusiast who has now started her own healthy living grocery store “Daily Staples” that is set to go live on the 10th of January.

Amanda fell in love with weights in the gym has never since looked back.

Instagram: @amandafxh


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