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5 Tips to Hit 10,000 Steps a Day Effortlessly

5 Tips to Hit 10,000 Steps a Day Effortlessly

Everyone knows by now, that sitting, is a modern day disease, and a sedentary lifestyle is horrible for both your physical, and emotional well-being. However, most of us urban metropolitans probably don’t even hit 5,000 steps a day, much less than the recommended 10,000 steps.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle could spell your demise. Not moving around regularly could lead to heart disease, poor blood circulation, and a failing respiratory system. Failing to move around could also be disastrous for your psychological health. It’s been proven that regular physical activity actually improves one’s mood and aids with the fight against dementia and depression.

The question is, how do you actually find the time and effort, to squeeze those steps in?

1,000 Steps per Hour

Your focus and concentration decreases as time passes by. It’s hard to focus on a singular task for over an hour. You often find yourself distracted and restless. Instead of staring at your smartphone, lazing around and waiting for new Snapchat stories, why not stand up and walking around for 5-10 minute

Baby Steps

Going from 3,000 steps to 10,000 steps within a day is going to be incredibly difficult. So setting progressive goals is going to be one of the key components to succeeding in your 10k a day in. You can start by getting yourself a fitness tracker, like the Striiv Fusion 2 or the Actxa Swift Plus to start tracking your daily steps.

If you are averaging about 3,000 a day, try increasing the steps by maybe 1,000 a week. Within 2 month, you will be over your goals of 10,000 steps a day!

Walk and Talk

Instead of sitting around when you make phone calls, try standing up and walking around instead. This could actually dramatically increase the number of steps you take everyday. Imagine if you turned a 10-minute phone call into a 10-minute walk a day. That would easily increase your step count by 1,000 step per day.

Use Your Legs

You were built with legs, for a reason. Elevators and escalators are there to make life easier, but why choose the easier path?

Whenever you have the choice between using the lift or the stairs, choose the stairs. Of course, if your office is located at the 30th floor, you might want to try taking it up to the 25th floor and then climbing up instead of trying to cover all 30 floors (unless you are an Iron Man finisher).

Promote Inefficiency

You read it right, inefficiency, not efficiency. Whenever you drive, take the train or hop on a bus, try to be as inefficient as possible. Park a carpark away from your office, alight a stop earlier or later when you ride the bus. Walking an extra stop or station could easily add 1,000 steps to your daily step count!
Adding more steps to your daily routine might not only be good for your waistline, but for your wallet as well. Try out the HPB Healthy 365 App for the chance to win vouchers, discounts and attractive prizes to go overseas, just by walking more and hitting step goals with your Fitbit and Actxa Swift trackers!

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