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8 Clever Tips for Lazy People to Slim Down this Chinese New Year

8 Clever Tips for Lazy People to Slim Down this Chinese New Year

1. Walk While You Talk

Whilst on the phone with bae, don’t laze in bed. Use the opportunity to walk around the block and clock in some steps. You will realise how effortlessly you are burning calories without even thinking when you aren’t focused on “exercising” but on your phone call.

(Companies could apply this to meetings as well)


2. Buy Comfy Shoes

A good pair of sneakers could go a long way into helping you work out hard. Plus spending $100+ on a comfortable pair of trainers and not using it…..will make you feel sad and guilt you into training.


3. Pack Your Workout Equipment the Night Before

Most of us don’t have the time in the morning to pack our training gear, so it becomes and excuse to just “screw it” and skip our workouts. Who can blame us? The snooze button is our best friend.


4. Play Tunnel Songs

Research shows that music changes the way you perceive fatigue. Play some epic music like the X-Men sound track or songs you hear when atheletes step out on the feel. You will feel all powerful and almighty. Nothing, can stop your march (of jog, or walk…)


5. Do 1 Pushup and 1 Situp More Each Day

Start by doing 1 pushup and situp. Today, and 2 tomorrow. By day 30, you would be doing 30 pushups and situps. Sounds daunting? Don’t worry, you can do it non-consecutively. 10 in the morning, 10 in the afternoon, 10 at night!


6. Follow #fitspos On Instagram

Some say #fitspos encourage body image issues, but no one can deny that they make you want to look like them, be like them, and attempt to train like them.


7. Don't Do Something You Hate

Hate running? Go for a hike in Bukit Timah hill, play some tennis or go dancing! Working out doesn’t have to be on that boring treadmill. You can even consider going window shopping. It helps you clock in a surprising number of steps!


8. Get a Partner or a Coach



A partner, can help keep you on track. Make you accountable. If you fail on your diet, you have someone to disappoint. To live up to the expectations of your friends or coach, you would probably stick to your plan better.

About the Author

Zayne is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast who understands the science behind proper nutrition and well-being. He has represented Singapore in the International Biomedical Olympiad Symposium and has a honor code certificate from the University of Wageningen for Nutrition and Health.

He also offers fitness coaching and diet advice for anyone, anywhere.

Follow him at @blubberfats


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