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Lifesense Band 3 - Personalised Fitness Training on a Budget

Lifesense Band 3 - Personalised Fitness Training on a Budget


Precise monitoring of aerobic fitness and Personalised aerobic fitness training

Lifesense works with “the father of aerobics” Cooper to provide you with an authoritative measurement method and personal training plan for aerobic fitness.
Step 1: Enable aerobic fitness monitoring during exercise
Step 2: The wristband will collect and analyze heart rate data
Step 3: Estimate VO2 max to measure aerobic fitness

What is VO2 Max?

VO2 Max describes how much oxygen your body is able to utilise during the maximum effort. VO2 Max is the defining metric of cardiorespiratory or aerobic fitness, such as running or swimming. The higher your VO2 Max, the more oxygen your body can use, and better your fitness. A higher VO2 Max makes daily activities easier, boosts endurance performance and is a vital indicator of overall health. Find out your VO2 Max Fitness Level and Fitness Age by doing a workout of at least 15 minutes, either walking or jogging.
Step 4: Assess personal health
Step 5: Output a personal training plan for aerobic fitness

Support 12 exercise modes

What you love and insist is worth recording, and data you care about are precisely recorded in each exercise, such as laps in swimming, place in cycling and anti-obsession alerts in e-Sports.

The 12 exercises include:

  1. Running,
  2. Brisk-walking,
  3. Cycling,
  4. Basketball,
  5. Football,
  6. Badminton,
  7. Table Tennis,
  8. Volleyball,
  9. Swimming,
  10. Fitness,
  11. Yoga,
  12. e-Sports.

Enable exercise heart rate warning to prevent over-exercising

If your goal is burning fat or safe exercise, maintaining medium intensity is a great idea. When your exercise heart rate reaches the warning target, the wristband will keep vibrating to remind you, and help you control your heart within the range of fat burning or safe training.

Medium Intensity

64% - 76% HRmax

Able to rapidly burn your body fat

High Intensity

76% - 96% HRmax

Able to enhance and improve cardiopulmonary function


IP68 Water-resistance - SWIMPROOF!

Lifesense Band 3 meets the requirements of 30m water resistance. IP68 is the highest international level of water and dust resistance.

Feather-like breathable medical grade strap

In hot and sweaty Singapore, how you feel from the strap affects your mood. With the medical grade materials developed by German company Byer, the strap us thin, weightless, breathable, resilient, soft and flexible. It is so comfortable that you will forget its existence.

Upgraded interference-free 24-hour heart rate monitoring

Lifesense’s upgraded third-generation PowerPulseTM algorithm has an excellent interference-free capability, enabling accurate heart rate results in complex environments.

Automatically identify running / brisk walking mode

Just run whenever you want. Lifesense Band 3 can automatically identify brisk walking and running states, so you can focus on your duration of aerobic training every day without missing a moment of exercise.

Automatically monitor sleep and morning pulse, helping you understand your physical fatigue

Automatically record sleep duration, deep sleep, light sleep and wake-up. Long term monitoring of morning pulse can help you understand your physical fatigue and discover body abnormality in time.

Up to 28 days of battery life

You can remove the strap easily and charge the band by plugging it directly into any device with a USB port compatible with PC, laptop, USB sockets and portable chargers and power banks.

Use a battery with high voltage and capacity to ensure a long battery life of up to 5 days with continuous heart-rate monitoring on, and up to 28 days with heart rate monitoring off (step counting only)!

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