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The Top 20 Fitness Bloggers In Asia Who Also Blog About Tech

The Top 20 Fitness Bloggers In Asia Who Also Blog About Tech

We know that you want the latest and most accurate reviews from the most reliable sources around. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top bloggers who write about both tech and fitness from all around Asia.

These bloggers are well-versed in the field of tech and fitness, and would be sure to give you the definitive information you need to make better informed fitness choices.

  1. Fay Hokulani


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Fay isn’t just a fitness blogger. She’s also a certified and experienced personal trainer, and has even hosted a television programme which taught viewers how to train, eat and think like a professional soccer player.

Follow Fay if you want to get fit in style.


  1. Adele Runs


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Adele might seem like your everyday girl next door, but there’s one thing that differentiates her from the rest: her love of running. She gives really useful bits of information for aspiring runners, and covers some of the latest fitness trends. In one of her latest posts, she talks about the Garmin Forerunner 225, one of the newest fitness wearables.

Follow Adele if you want to get some running inspiration.

  1. Cheryl Tay


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Cheryl doesn’t just cover fitness news and information, she also blogs frequently about cars and motorsports! This makes her blog perfect reading not just for girls, but for guys too!

Follow Cheryl if you want to to know about the fastest cars and coolest fitness tips.

  1. Kevin Zahri


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Kevin is a really famous celebrity in the Malaysian fitness scene, having kick-started a national weight loss programme called Jom Kurus (Let’s Get Slimmer). His fans call him Cikgu Fitness, and it’s easy to see why when you go on to his blog. He frequently posts tips on how to be fitter and healthier!

Follow Kevin if you want to stay up to date on the Malaysian fitness scene

  1. Live Low Race High


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Azlan, the owner of Live Low Race High, is an ultra-marathoner who shares with his readers some of the latest news in the marathon scene around Asia, and especially in Singapore. He also features some of the newest running tech and gear on his blog!

Follow Azlan to get the best tips on endurance sports.

  1. Georgina Poh


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A fitness lifestyle blogger, Georgina doesn’t just blog about fitness tips, she also blogs about healthy eating! This helps you have a more holistic approach to fitness.

Follow Georgina if you want to learn how to have an all-rounded healthy lifestyle.

  1. Donna Samuel


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Personal trainer Donna Samuel grew up with a athletic background, playing competitive squash both locally and in international tournaments. She blogs about her fitness journey from competitive squash to weight lifting on her blog which offers fitness tips to novices and healthy eating tips.

Follow Donna if you want to get inspired on how to lead an active lifestyle

8 & 9. Jason Julius lim and Limaran Agustina


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Fitness power couple Jason and Limaran met in university and bonded through their mutual love for fitness – which they attribute to as the secret behind their marriage. The personal trainers run massively popular Instagram accounts and blogs which chronicle their daily workouts, fitness adventures and lifestyle.

Follow them to read about how you can stay healthy and look great

10. Gymless Fitness Revolution


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You don’t need a gym to be fit! Get exercise guides from Gymless Fitness Revolution and you can get a workout anywhere, anytime!

Follow Gymless Fitness Revolution if you want to learn how to exercise literally everywhere.

11. Janiqueel


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Janiqueel coves a huge variety of topics, from beauty, to tech, to music to fitness! You’ve probably seen one of her articles shared on Facebook before, and with good reason.

Follow Janiqueel if you want to stay on trend and keep fit.

12. Plaeorina


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If you want to learn more about how unprocessed foods can help you feel and be healthier, head down to Paleorina’s blog. She blogs about the Paleo diet, giving tips and paleo recipes for you to try out. She also writes about crossfit and yoga, so if you’re want to maximise your workout by eating healthy, she’s the person to visit.

Follow Paleorina if you want to learn how to eat right and exercise right.

13. Isaac Loo

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Isaac is a marathoner, triathlete, and limit breaker extraordinaire. He’s participated in runs and competitions throughout the region, and even once took part in Fear Factor! Isaac inspires others not just on on his blog, but always by giving racing advice to other runners, and acting as an ambassador for several sports brands.

Follow Isaac if you want a role model for your running journey.

14. Sunshine Kelly

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Read more about tech, fitness, beauty and fashion on Sunshine Kelly’s blog, which updates you on some of the latest happenings and events in Malaysia!

Follow Kelly if you want to keep up with lifestyle and fitness in Malaysia.

15. Karen Kho

Karen Kho


If you’re looking for someone who can epitomise the idea of “fit and fashionable”, Karen’s the one to look for. Looking at her glamorous OOTD shots, you wouldn’t think that she’s an ardent fitness fanatic too! Karen shares her thoughts on fitness, like why women should strength train, and also gives loads of fashion inspiration for the fit fashionistas out there.

Follow Karen if you want to fit, fashionable and fabulous.

16. Pris Chew

Pris Chew


Priscilla doesn’t just share about her own fitness and running experiences on her blog, she also gives her readers updates on sports news and events (especially English football).  She also interviews top fitness personalities for insights into what drives them to keep on running and being fit, so you’ll definitely be inspired too.

Follow Pris Chew if you want to find out more about Singapore’s running scene.

17. Healthy Hong Kong

healthy hong kong


Healthy Hong Kong is run by Erica, a writer and editor based in Hong Kong. She frequently blogs about healthy eating in Hong Kong, and also gives readers fitness tips on how to stay fit in the “city of smog”. We especially love her gym guide, it’s really useful!

Follow Healthy Hong Kong if you want to find out how to stay healthy in Hong Kong.

18. Fitness For Men

fitness for men


Fitness For Men is a fitness portal for men in Indonesia, where they can find out all about the latest fitness trends and exercise tips in Indonesia. It’s one of the most popular fitness sites in Indonesia because it’s really comprehensive and can offer all the information that any guy in Indonesia needs! If you can’t speak Bahasa Indonesia though, get your Google Translate ready because the only English is the title.

Follow Fitness For Men if you want to stay informed on everything fitness related in Indonesia.

19. Stay Fit And Travel

stay fit and travel


As its name suggests, Stay Fit and Travel chronicles the travelling and fitness experiences of Emi, as she travels all Asia. It’s not easy staying fit and fab with such a tiring and packed lifestyle but she somehow manages to do it judging from her fitness selfies! We also love how she documents what she ate to stay in shape, so we have an idea what to eat as well!

Follow Stay Fit and Travel if you want to well, stay fit and travel!

20. Jasmine Danker


One of Yahoo! Singapore’s Fitspo of the week, 25 year old Jasmine Danker is a figure to watch out for in the fitness world. The 25 year old personal trainer was also rated by Sassy Singapore as one of the best personal trainers in Singapore. Her instagram features inspirational quotes, food porn worthy photos of healthy nosh and snippets of her daily workout routines.

Besides posting fitspo photos on her instagram, Jasmine also blogs about fitness. Follow her if you want easy to read fitness tips and tricks, healthy recipes and ways to stay healthy in metropolitan Singapore.

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