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Alignment Kickboard

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Alignment Kickboard
The Alignment Kickboard is a new kicking tool that helps teach and maintain body alignment for swimmers of all abilities. The stabilizing hand strap allows users to place their hands on the board without having to grab the sides, creating ideal alignment from the fingertips through the toes. The small sized foam board floats a few inches below the water surface, allowing the user to maintain body alignment by staying flat in the water and not having to kick upwards at an angle. The sleek hydrodynamic design is safe on the shoulders and is great for streamline, underwater, and side kicking drills. A perfect tool to increase leg and core strength during any aquatic workout!

Features & Benefits

Small Foam Shape:
Forces board to rests slightly below the surface of the water so that swimmers are not kicking 'up-hill' at an angle.
Stabilizing Hand Strap:
Allows hands to slip into device rather than having to grab it (like traditional kickboards). Puts the body in the correct aligned position from the fingertips to the toes.
Streamlined Design:
Great for all types of kicking drills so that the swimmer builds core and lower-body strength.

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