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AXTRO Fit 3 Fitness Tracker (Launching On 11th Oct 2021)

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The AXTRO Fit 3 is an all-day fitness tracker with steps, heart rate, blood oxygen (SpO2) and sleep* tracking features.


  • Compatible With Healthy 365 App
    • Move more and feel good from within by participating in the National Steps Challenge with Health Promotion Board's Healthy 365 app and the AXTRO Fit 3

  • All-Day Steps, Activity and Heart Rate Tracking
    • AXTRO Fit 3 automatically tracks your steps and heart rate when it has sufficient battery and is worn correctly on the wrist. Your activity history can be easily viewed on the Healthy 365 App.

  • Large Full-Colour Display
    • Easily view information on the AXTRO Fit 3 with its large 1.3” full-colour display.

  • Workout Mode
    • With heart rate tracking, AXTRO Fit 3 is your ideal fitness partner. It alerts you when you enter moderate or vigorous heart rate zones and you can adjust your workout intensity accordingly.

  • Sleep Tracking*
    • The new feature of sleep tracking is available only to eligible National Steps Challenge participants.

  • Dual Watch Face
    • The AXTRO Fit 3 comes with both digital and analogue watch face to suit your preference. Simply long-press the touch button on the time screen to toggle between both styles.

  • Water-Resistant
    • AXTRO Fit 3 is water, sweat and splash resistant. However, it is not water-proof and is not suitable for underwater activities. We recommend you to remove the fitness tracker when you are engaging in water sports, entering a steam/sauna room and showering.

  • Multi-Day Battery Life
    • A full charge takes about 2 hours. The battery life when fully charged is approximately 5 to 7 days, depending on the usage intensity.

User / System Requirements:

  • A valid Healthy 365 account
  • A compatible smartphone (Android 6, iOS 10, or above) with the Healthy 365 app installed
  • Bluetooth 4.0+ & Internet (via Wifi / Cellular connectivity)

Instruction Manual

* Sleep tracking function is available only to eligible National Steps Challenge participants. For more information, visit Actxa Tempo 4C