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Battle of the Bluetooth trackers:  TrackR Bravo vs Tile Sport

Battle of the Bluetooth trackers: TrackR Bravo vs Tile Sport

TrackR Bravo vs Tile Sport: Which Bluetooth tracker should you buy?

Tired of losing your keys, wallet and even your pet?

SGEEK reviews TrackR Bravo, Tile Sport and Nut mini. Which Bluetooth tracker will emerge victorious in a battle of ‘nerdy hide and seek’? 

Two devices, the TrackR Bravo and Tile Sport have been pitted against one another.


TrackR Bravo and Tile Sport not only allows you to find your items using your phone but it also enables you to find your phone using the device! This two-way item tracking starts with just a press of a button on either device and your phone will ring, even on silent mode.

Both devices also allow you to find your lost item via its crowd locating network capabilities. When another user is within close proximity of your item, you will receive a location update. With the help of either community, you will be able to find your items, fast. However, Tile does have a larger consumer base, making your search efforts slightly easier via the Tile community.



The TrackR Bravo uses a CR1620 battery which has to be replaced whenever it runs low. The mobile application notifies you via the ‘low battery warning’ and prompts you to order a replacement battery, approximately after a year. International shipping charges may apply to free battery shipments.

Tile Sport’s battery is guaranteed to last a full year. You will receive both an in-app notification and an email 11 months after your Tile was activated to remind you to replace your current Tile with an updated version of your product equipped with new and improved technology.

Bluetooth Range

TrackR Bravo offers the industry average of up to 30 meters. While the Tile Sport was designed with double the range the TrackR Bravo offers up to 60 meters!

Separation Alerts (only for TrackR Bravo)

Whenever the Bluetooth connection between your TrackR Bravo and item is lost, your phone will ring to let you know that you have left an item behind.

Family Sharing (only for TrackR Bravo)

Track and ring the same TrackR Bravo from multiple phones. It's perfect for shared items like the remote, shared car keys or the family pet.

Waterproof (only for Tile Sport)

Only the Tile Sport features water resistance. It can withstand water up to 1.5m for up to 30 minutes.


So who wins? Tile Sport

Tile Sport

With its advanced features such as its waterproof capabilities and durability, the Tile Sport features twice the Bluetooth range compared to its competitor.

Furthermore, the larger Tile community increases the chances of you finding your misplaced item.

Still can’t decide?

Do you want to keep your tracker for more than a year and would like additional features such as separation alerts and family sharing? Purchase the slightly less expensive option (priced at $49.00), TrackR Bravo.

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth tracker with the best Bluetooth range and loudest alert volume, and stronger and larger crowd network, invest in the Tile Sport (priced at $59.00) to get your money’s worth!

If you like all that the TrackR Bravo has to offer but would like additional features such as 3 LED lights that make locating a misplaced item in the dark incredibly easy and at a more affordable price, TrackR Pixel is the one for you (priced at $38.00)!


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