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From Easy to Challenging: 9 Running Routes in Singapore for Everyone

From Easy to Challenging: 9 Running Routes in Singapore for Everyone

Singapore may be small, but we’ve got our own fair share of running routes around. From trails that weave through the few forests we have, to paths that cut across the steel and concrete jungle (also known as the CBD), there are running routes available for runners of all levels of ability and interest.

We’ve grouped some of the running routes together into different levels of difficulty, so you can find one that suits you the best! That way, you won’t get too exhausted if you’re a beginner, or too bored if you’re a seasoned runner.


Beginner Level: For those who want to start running

Rolling around on your sofa and eating potato chips has started to lose its appeal. You want to get moving and be active, but don’t know where to start? These routes are generally pretty short, and aren’t that difficult, so they’re just right for you! Track your progress with a wearable fitness tracker like the Fitbit Flex, so you can have a trove of information handy and steadily improve your running.

  1. Tampines Eco Green (Distance: 2.3km, ~2,850 steps)

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A trail distance reminiscent of taking the NAPFA test suitable for dwellers in the East. The ground profile is flat, great for a short run to get your engines revving. Adjacent to Sun Plaza Park and accessible via the Tampines Park Connector, this route is scalable for longer distances as your endurance increases.

  1. Sentosa Beach Route (Distance: 3.5km, ~4,350 steps)


Photo by Marc van der Chijs / CC BY-ND

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The sun, sea and sand make for a perfect holiday, and an almost perfect running route for beginners as well. If you want to take your first step to being more active in a glamorous and relaxing environment filled with eye candy, this route’s for you. It’s pretty easy, all you do is start at Siloso Beach, and run until the the end of Tanjong Beach.

  1. Marina Bay Route (Distance: 3.5km, ~4,350 steps)

Photo by Mike Scott / CC BY-SA

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If you’re looking for a beginner route that’s easier to reach from your office in town, try out the Marina Bay route. It’s a loop that goes around the entire Marina Bay area, going past major sights such as the The Padang, Marina Bay Sands, and Marina Barrage. If you’re up for something simple and scenic, this is for you. Just a heads up: there are no public shower facilities for you to use, so this might be more suited for those who live nearby, or who have a car.

  1. Bedok Reservoir Route [Distance: 4.3km, ~5,350 steps]

Photo by Savio Sebastian / CC BY

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Located in the far east of Singapore, the Bedok Reservoir route is actually great for runners of all levels, not just beginners. Because it’s a loop, you can keep on running however long you want. The scenery around the reservoir is also rather relaxing, so you can use it as a relaxing running route after you come home from work.

Intermediate Level: For the runner who wants to train harder.

Maybe you’ve been running regularly for some time already, and want to try out routes that are a bit more out of your comfort zone. Here are a few you can check out! Make sure that you’ve got a wearable fitness tracker while you’re running though. You can give the Striiv Fusion a look, cause it’s got a whole load of other functions besides just tracking your fitness. Talk about multi-purpose!

  1. MacRitchie Reservoir Route [Distance: 9.7km, ~12,125 steps]


Photo by travel oriented / CC BY-SA

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This is a rather popular route, with runners of all levels filling up the path, especially on weekends. Although this running route is unpaved, and rather uneven and sloped, it’s still suitable for intermediate runners and serves a great introduction to off-trail running. If you’ve got food on you, just watch out for the monkeys, because they’re known to be mischievous food snatchers.

  1. Ulu Pandan Park Connector [Distance: 9.1km, ~11,375 steps]


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One thing great about this running route is that it’s very suitable for night runs! It’s well lit, and generally well paved, so you don’t have to worry about stumbling over something and falling. It’s also usually not very crowded, so you don’t have to deal with big groups you have to weave around.

Advanced Level: For the seasoned runner who’s looking for a challenge.

If you’ve been running for pretty long, and want a challenge, you should try out some of the longer running routes available. As a seasoned and experienced runner, you’ve gotta make sure that you’ve got the best equipment to help you with your running too. Get a Garmin Forerunner 620, and you’ll have all the information you need to really maximise your run.

  1. East Coast Park Route [Distance: 22.7km, ~28,375 steps]


Photo by RunSociety / CC BY-SA

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This looping track offers more serious runners a place to train for marathons and competitions. Not only is the East Coast Park route long, it’s also pretty flat, with relatively few slopes. It’s great if you’re looking to focus on running and tune out the world. It can get pretty crowded on weekdays, so be careful of huge groups of people hogging the path!

  1. The North Eastern Riverine Loop [Distance: 26km, ~32,500 steps]


Map from RunSociety

Another marathon training route, looping through many of the north-eastern landmarks including Punggol Park, Lorong Halus Wetland, Punggol Waterway and Punggol Promenade. The terrain is generally flat, although there are routes where bike path converges with the foot path. Do watch out for oncoming traffic!

  1. The Southern Ridges Trail [Distance: 9.7km]


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Don’t let the relatively short distance of this route fool you. We recommend this route only if you’re very fit and experienced. The slopes and hills on this route make for a rather challenging experience, and you’ll definitely be pushing yourself to your limits. Surprisingly, there a evenly spaced out amenities, so if you want to take short breaks in between and answer the call to nature, toilets are available throughout.

Make the most out of your run

Don’t let all your running efforts go to waste. Keep track of your progress, and get the information you need to improve your running experience, with a wearable fitness tracker. These trackers records information such as the duration of your workout, steps taken, and calories burned. With a wearable fitness tracker, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress and work on improving your running experience.

Advanced runners who require a more sophisticated device that tracks more information than calories and time would be interested in GPS-equipped fitness trackers, where you can further analyse details of your run including cadence and heart rate zones to determine your desired level of training.

Make sure that you’re all ready to make your run the best it can be! Get one now at Axtro Sports.

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