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How to check if your face mask is effective?

How to check if your face mask is effective?

The global demand for face masks had outstripped much of its supply, causing traditional mask distributors in Singapore such as Watsons, Guardian and supermarkets to have completely run out of stocks. Many consumers have taken to various online platforms such as Qoo10 and Lazada to get hold of masks in response to this shortage.

However, a recent news article on Straits Times[1], demonstrated that a staggering 5 out of 6 face masks including ones that had been given to taxi drivers, had failed to pass quality checks. In light of this article, as well as the severity of the potential implications that wearing an ineffective face mask might pose, one might begin to wonder – how do I check if the mask that I had purchased is of good quality?

Here are some methods as demonstrated by Wellchem Pharmaceuticals director in a video by The Straits Times[2], which can be used to verify the quality of your face masks.

  1. Visual inspection – face masks should have 3 layers that are not too thin
  2. Water repellence – face masks should have an outer layer that is able to repel water
  3. Flammability – face masks should not catch fire or leave any residue when burnt with a lighter

*Note – masks pictured in this article are sold by AXTRO Sports and can be purchased online here





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    Cecilia TEE - April 29, 2020

    Hi Alice and Tina

    Please email me regarding kids face masks.

    Stay safe

    Chris Chen - April 18, 2020

    Is there a expiry date for keeping the mask?

    TIna - April 18, 2020

    I want kids mask

    Alice Ng - April 15, 2020

    Do you have kid’s mask as well.

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