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Why a Quality Good Night Sleep is Life-Changing

Why a Quality Good Night Sleep is Life-Changing

What is that one thing Singaporeans never seemed to stop whining about? "I'm so tired omg!" "I need coffee to survive today," "I only slept for like 4 hours.". I’m sure you can all relate, right? Well, with our hectic lifestyles, getting a good night’s sleep is nearly impossible.

As much as leading a healthier lifestyle through physical means is important, you should ensure that your mental health is not neglected as well. Although some days can be stressful, it is necessary to take a step back and just breathe. This blog will show you how you can prioritize your psychological wellness by getting a good night’s sleep so amazing that it can be life-changing!

Why is Quality Night Sleep Important?

A good night’s sleep is incredibly important. Believe it or not, it is just as important as eating healthily and exercising! With us sleeping less and less so that we can have more time to settle the endless work tasks, our sleep quality has gradually deteriorated.

Here are three reasons why quality night sleep is important.

  1. Good sleep can improve concentration and productivity.

    Sleep is vital for various aspects of our brain function, such as cognition, concentration and productivity performance. When you have been getting little to minimal sleep, these functions can be negatively affected.

    How seriously can poor sleep affect our lives, you may ask?

    A study found out that medical interns on a work schedule with extended work hours of more than 24 hours made at least 36% more serious medical errors than interns on a more flexible schedule that allowed more sleep and breaks. This shows that fatigue due to sleep deprivation can compromise your performance of work accuracy, concentration and speed. On the other hand, good sleep can improve problem-solving skills and enhance your memory. So, whether you're a medical student or a senior executive in your company, having sufficient rest can greatly reduce serious errors made!

    I don’t know about you, but these statistics have me ready to climb into my PJs and hit the hay straight away.

  2. Quality sleep can help to prevent risks of mental health issues

    I’m sure you have heard numerous times that sleep can help to improve your psychological wellness but do you really understand why?

    Mental health issues, such as depression, are strongly linked to poor sleep quality and sleeping disorders. It was estimated that 90% of people with depression complained about sleep quality and how sleeping disorders such as insomnia can contribute to a higher rate of depression. The worst nightmare, of course, is that these conditions resulting from poor sleep can lead to increase risk of death from suicide. There are other factors that could lead to mental health issues but a good sleeping pattern is a significant factor that can minimize mental health issues as when your brain gets sufficient rest, both your mental and physical well-being will be improved.

    Tonight, let that eight hours of sleep be your new therapy

  3. Better sleep = better mood

    If you were to wake up feeling annoyed or frustrated at everything and anything for no particular reason, does your family ever ask you if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Haha, yes, I’m sure this rings a bell. Well, although it has nothing to do with which side of your bed you roll out of, sleeping does contribute to your mood the next day. It makes sense, right?

    If you sleep well, you wake up bubbly with a bright smile hanging on your face. Being well-rested soars your energy levels and keeps you energized throughout the day. When your energy is up, life’s little challenges will not annoy you as much or bring you down easily. When you are not annoyed, you are not angry. If you are not angry, you are happy. It’s a cycle!

    This is a sign for you to go to bed early tonight and everyone will thank you for it.

So, how much sleep do I need?

The recommended number of hours of sleep on average is 7-8 hours but it varies from person to person as well. A variable is our age. In general, this is the guideline to follow:

Age Group

Recommended Hours of Sleep Per Day

Teenagers (13-19 years old)

8-10 hours

Adults (20-64 years old)

7-9 hours

Elderly (>65 years old)

7-8 hours

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned indicators, you are in a ‘sleep debt’. This is a sign for you to pace yourself and re-plan your day such that you can repay the debt with a good night's sleep!

How can I improve my sleep experience and quality?

  1. DO NOT consume caffeine after 3pm

    Although caffeine can help to enhance your focus, energy and sports performance, it is not recommended to be consumed late in the day. Caffeine can stay elevated in your blood for approximately 6-8 hours. So as much as you need that one cup of cold brew to get you through your already dreary day, think about how well your sleep experience will be if you just pull through the day with another alternative! I’m sure you would love to wake up feeling refreshed the next day right?

    But…if you cannot resist the temptation in the late afternoon or evening, get a DECAFFEINATED coffee instead.

  2. Relax and clear your mind before bedtime

    Relaxing your mind and body before bed can help to improve your sleep quality and treat insomnia! This is because when your mind is not focused on stressful workload or negative things, your heart rate and blood pressure lower, your breathing slows down and deepens, thus creating an increased sense of well-being. By focusing only on yourself, your inner peace is enhanced.

    Some relaxation exercises include listening to relaxing music, meditating and reading a book.

    Set aside some time each night and try out different methods to see which works the best for you.

  3. Reward your sleep experience with NSC6 and AXTRO Fit 3

    Yes, you can get rewarded by just shutting your eyes and having sufficient sleep. Doesn’t that sound amazing? It is time to level up your sleep experience this season with Health Promotion Board’s National Steps Challenge (NSC) Season 6!

    The Sleep Challenge aims to make sleep a priority as it is vital to a healthy lifestyle as well. By having at least 7 hours of sleep daily, get rewarded with up to $30 in e-vouchers!

    The Sleep Challenge will only be unlocked once you have completed the requirements of Tiers 1-6 under the Steps Category. Eligible participants can register from now till 31 March 2022. The Sleep Challenge will officially start from 1 November 2021 to 1 April 2022. For more information, click here.

    How can I track sleep? Eligible participants are required to use the new Season 6 HPB fitness tracker with the sleep tracking function and Healthy 365 app. Not to worry, we got just the right fitness tracker for you!

    Introducing to you, the brand new AXTRO Fit 3:

    Here are some features of AXTRO Fit 3:
    1. 1.3-inch colour display
    2. Dual watch face - analogue and digital
    3. All-day Steps, Activity and Heart Rate Tracking
    4. Blood Oxygen (SpO2) Measurement
    5. Workout Mode - alerts you when you enter moderate/vigorous heart rate zones so you can adjust workout intensity levels accordingly
    6. Sleep Tracking - only available to eligible participants. Sleep duration is only viewable on the app after syncing. To view feature eligibility, click here.
    7. Splash, Sweat and Water Resistant - however, AXTRO Fit 3 is not water-proof so it is not suitable for underwater activities. Do remove it when engaged in such activities.

    If you are eligible for the Sleep Challenge, each day's sleep will be tracked by our AXTRO Fit 3. Only a sleep duration of at least two hours will be recorded and be included in each day’s total sleep duration.

    Sleep plays a key role in your health. Now that you can even get rewarded with amazing prizes by just sleeping, what are you waiting for? In collaboration with NSC Season 6, step up your sleep routine with the brand new AXTRO Fit 3. Grab yours here today - while stock lasts!

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