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Maximise your experience with AXTRO Fit 3!

Maximise your experience with AXTRO Fit 3!

You have most likely landed here after getting your hands on our newly launched AXTRO Fit 3 or currently might even be setting up your tracker to get moving and win exciting incentives. Whatever the case, we can't wait for you to start living a healthy lifestyle with AXTRO Fit 3!

So, following the much-anticipated product launch, you have finally received our fitness tracker, which has been the talk of the town for several months now. What’s next? Even if you are eager to get moving, you will still need to learn about the many functions to get the most out of your AXTRO Fit 3 and set it up so that it runs smoothly throughout your physical activities.


The all-new AXTRO Fit 3 provides awesome features that adds value to your day without burning a hole in your pocket. What’s new compared to previous seasons’ tracker? It has features like blood oxygen (SpO) and sleep tracking (for eligible participants). To check if you are eligible for the sleep tracking feature and for more information on the Sleep Challenge, please visit:

Before we dive into more details on the new and intriguing SpO tracking feature, let us first walk you through how to use the basic functions of AXTRO Fit 3.

Basic Functions

  • Switching On: To begin, press and hold the touch button for at least 8 seconds.

  • Changing Watch Face: To change the watch face, press and hold for at least 5 seconds.

  • Switching Off: To turn off the device, tap the touch button to power off.

  • Charging: We recommend charging your tracker only when it is running low to prevent your battery performance from deteriorating in the long run.

    The charging duration is approximately 2 hours. When charging, ensure that the charging contact points of your tracker and the magnetic cradle are aligned.

    *During manufacturing, the AXTRO Fit 3 tracker is set to hibernation mode to prevent the battery from draining too quickly.

Measuring SpO₂

The SpO₂ tracking feature of AXTRO Fit 3 is simple to use and can be measured in just a few steps. Isn't that amazing? To start measuring your blood oxygen:

  1. Tap the touch button until you see the Blood Oxygen screen.
  2. Long press and hold for at least 3 seconds to start the SpO measurement.
  3. Your blood oxygen reading should show within 1-2 minutes.
  4. To exit the blood oxygen measurement page, press and hold the touch button.

While measuring your blood oxygen level, keep seated and still, and wear the fitness tracker firmly above your wrist to get accurate SpO readings. Two fingers' width above the wrist bone is a good gauge. If your tracker fails to detect your blood oxygen level, repeat the above steps to try again.

Workout Modes

How to track my heart-rate with workout mode?

AXTRO Fit 3 simplifies your life by automatically monitoring your heart rate as long as it is turned on, has enough battery, and is worn properly on the wrist! If you want to see your heart rate in real time, though, follow these steps to activate ‘Workout Mode’:

  1. Tap the touch button until you see the Workout screen.
  2. Tap and hold to view the list of workout modes available.
  3. Tap to toggle between the 4 different workout modes: Walking, Running, Cycling, Others.
  4. Tap to switch between the screens.
  5. Press and hold to begin the workout of your choice.

Heart-Rate Range

Track your heart-rate to identify which tier your workout falls under using this table:

Light Moderate Vigorous 
57% - 63%
of Maximum Heart-Rate
64% - 75%
of Maximum Heart-Rate
76% - 95%
of Maximum Heart-Rate

How to stop workout mode?

  1.  Press and hold the touch button again.
  2. Tap to confirm the end of your workout session.
  3. Your workout summary will be displayed on the screen.
  4. To exit, press and hold again.

Now, here is where you might have some questions. “Will my tracker still track my heart-rate after I end my workout session?”, “Does workout mode drain my battery?” As mentioned previously, your tracker will always monitor your heart rate when it is turned on. So, fret not! Battery wise, unfortunately, it will drain out when you stay on it for extended periods of time. Hence, we recommend using workout mode to track your heart-rate at regular intervals.

Changing Strap

This part is for you if you bought a new strap to replace your current strap, but are afraid you will mess it up and damage your watch. Follow these steps carefully to replace your strap easily!

  1.  Place your tracker facing down on a flat surface.
  2. Push the latch to the right to release the strap
  3. To insert your new strap, follow the previous step in reverse.
  4. Ensure that the strap pins are securely in place.

There you go! Spare yourself the trip to our store to get it replaced by us and do it yourself instead! It's as simple as 1, 2, and 3.

Pairing to Healthy 365 App

Before you can pair your tracker to your Healthy 365 App, you need to first join the National Steps Challenge Season 6, agree to the Terms & Conditions, and complete your Health Declaration to ensure that you are eligible to join the challenge. Check out our blog on NSC6 here for a complete guide on how to join the challenge and the rewards you can earn.

Once you have joined the challenge, you then can go ahead to pair your tracker to the Healthy 365 App via

  • QR Code
  1. Tap and hold the touch button until the QR code appears.
  2. Open the Healthy 365 App on your phone, and click on ‘Profile’ found at the bottom.
  3. Click on ‘My Fitness Tracker’.
  4. Click on ‘Change tracker’.
  5. Select ‘Yes’ to proceed.
  6. Click on ‘HPB trackers’.
  7. Click on ‘Scan via ‘QR Code’.
  8. Scan the QR Code displayed on your tracker using your smartphone camera to pair your tracker.

  • Bluetooth
    1. Tap and hold the touch button until the QR code appears.
    2. Open the Healthy 365 App on your phone, and click on ‘Profile’ found at the bottom.
    3. Click on ‘My Fitness Tracker’.
    4. Click on ‘Change tracker’.
    5. Select ‘Yes’ to proceed.
    6. Click on ‘HPB trackers’.
    7. Click on ‘Pair via Bluetooth’.
    8. Select ‘AXTRO Fit 3’
    9. Connect your tracker to your smartphone through Bluetooth and keep it within 30cm.
    10. Select your tracker model found under the QR Code and click to confirm
    11. Select ‘Pair’ to proceed.
    12. Tracker should display the clock face.
    13. Connect your tracker to your smartphone through Bluetooth and keep it within 30cm.
    14. You will be prompted to key in a 4-digit code that will be displayed on your tracker.
    15. Key in the code and tap ‘Submit’.

    Voila! Your AXTRO Fit 3 is now connected to your Healthy 365 App, allowing you to track your steps, MVPA minutes, and rewards earned anytime, anywhere.

    What are you waiting for now that you have learned about all of the functions of AXTRO Fit 3? Play around with your tracker, aka your new workout buddy, and get moving! If you would like to see video instructions on how to use the AXTRO Fit 3's functions, visit our YouTube channel, where we have posted step-by-step tutorials on how to use your AXTRO FIT 3!

    Have fun and stay healthy!

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      Deepak - February 6, 2023

      How to make my astro fit3 to turn on the screen time as soon as I turn my wrist. Now, each time I have to.tap on the screen to show time

      Janie - February 6, 2023

      Hi there,

      The screen of my dad’s Tempo4C watch seems to have spoilt. When the screen is tapped on at the said button, the screen doesn’t turn on.

      I am thinking of just getting a replacement for him from your shop. Can he replace it as the tracker in his Healthy 365? Or may I get the screen replaced?

      Thank you,

      Bee Kuen - January 18, 2023

      I do other workout such as cycling and swimming daily instead of walking. Can i sync the Workout accumulated under the Workout mode to MVPA? Ideally wee should take other exercise into consideration apart from steps.

      Goh Teck Huat - December 12, 2022

      My MVPA is not working for about 7 days.
      How to make it work again?

      Please let me know.

      Thank You,
      Eric Goh

      Joseph Colin Choo - December 9, 2022

      Can we change the watch face beside the 2 given

      Mamadretro - October 20, 2022

      Hi,can i change setting to other user for axtro fit 3 from recent owner?

      Roy - October 20, 2022

      Hi Weng Kam, look for watch straps or watch bands that is 20mm width.

      Lum Weng Kam - December 10, 2021

      Hi, The Axtro Fit 3 step tracker strap cause rashes around my wrist after wearing it for about 2 days and the subsequent wearing. I tried to purchase a stainless steel strap to replace it through online purchase but not able to find one. Can please help ?

      Thank you.


      Jacky - October 24, 2021

      What is the different between the workout mode" walking" and "Running "…..

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